Craft the Ultimate Luxury Real Estate Experience of the Future.


A Radically Different, Client-First Approach

Luxedom is the world’s first luxury real estate platform. We are building an exclusive, highly vetted community for affluent buyers, sellers and luxury advisors from around the world to connect. We are reimagining the future of luxury real estate on a global scale and internet speed.

We provide you unprecedented access to the extraordinary world of luxury real estate. We connect you to the finest properties on earth from the most coveted and iconic markets. We partner with the world’s top luxury real estate advisors and pair you with the perfect match for your highly-personalized needs.

We created Luxedom, because unlike the rest, we firmly believe that the luxury real estate experience of the future should be built around you the client, not the agent. We made the bold decision to create something entirely new instead of fighting over the status quo.

We strive to be the only platform you will ever need to buy, sell or lease your luxury home.

We build technology that empowers you. We leverage the the power of technology to reach and serve clients from all over the world. Our top priority is to always exceed your expectations by creating breakthrough products and crafting legendary solutions that deliver an exceptional and seamless experience.

We start with the client experience and work backwards to the solutions. We believe in the power of direct-to-consumer technology to deliver new ways for you and our network partners to connect, communicate, and transact value.

The digital world continues to transform at incredible speed. You need a unified and diverse global team that is fully committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and is at the forefront of emerging trends to help you stay ahead of market conditions.


Be the Global Platform for Luxury Real Estate


We are Reimagining the Future of Luxury Real Estate

Luxedom is different from all the real estate companies that came before and is a category of one. We obsess over the needs of our clients and live by a set of Core Values that guide our daily actions. We sweat the details of the client experience and always have your back. We eliminate the most painful parts of the experience so you are able to focus on what really matters in life.

We seek boldness rather than triviality. We set audacious goals, tackle the hard stuff, and do things that no one has done before. We see a broken industry and believe in our ability to reimagine it forever. We believe in changing the status quo in big ways, but make sure we Respect the Rules while achieving it.

Our audacious thinking is fueled by a diverse, globally connected team of passionate leaders and practitioners, who have a shared love for the extraordinary world of luxury real estate. By placing you at the heart of our strategy, it enables us to tap into our creativity that drives our mission to craft the ultimate luxury real estate experience of the future.

Our unfair advantage is we do more with less, faster.

At Luxedom, we work, live and play in the future to discover what is missing and figure out what to build next. We believe the future is not a someplace you arrive at, it is a destination you build. We plan zero to one and constantly ask ourselves, “what is our 10 year plan? How do we achieve it in 6 months?”

Every one of us has clients. What separates us from the herd, is our relentless enthusiasm to rethink everything and move swiftly 24/7 worldwide to invent fiercely on your behalf. We show up every day to ensure your success by continuously innovating and to always exceed your expectations. Our Ethos is "Client First. Always.”

At the heart of Luxedom's approach to the client experience is harnessing the power of advanced data analytics and leveraging consumer insights at every touch point. We are able to create highly personalized experiences that are tailored to each individual client’s needs to drive successful outcomes.

Luxedom is establishing a new global standard for luxury real estate.

We do not let geography or borders define us. We are a distributed team with members building around the clock and across the globe using the latest communication technologies to ensure that our team is always in sync. At Luxedom, globally connected and digital-first aren’t buzzwords, they are how we operate as a team and that begins with how we collaborate with each other first.

We seek to build long term relationships with you. We keep it real. We build trust and connection with our clients by being results-oriented and making luxury personal. We are guided by a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and a devotion to meeting those needs at every step. We practice a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We start with the simplest solution and expand from there. We make it happen. We measure the impact of what we do and push through to hit our goals. We find ways around roadblocks. We embrace an anti fragile mindset. We hold each other accountable to a high bar for performance.

We have created a brand new game. One where everyone wins, starting with you, the client.


Client First. Always.


The Fuel that Drives Us Forward to Make it Happen

At Luxedom, our values are core to who we are and guide our daily actions. These values anchor us and bind us together to create a deep, shared understanding around how we work and enables us to serve our clients.
  • 1

    Empower Our Clients

    Every one of us has clients. We start by understanding our clients' needs and invent relentlessly on your behalf to build breakthrough products and solutions. Everything we build and every action we take starts with the client experience. It all ties back to empowering your success and developing a long-term relationship.

  • 2

    Rethink Everything

    We Plan Zero To One. We constantly ask ourselves what is our 10 year goal and how do we achieve it in the next 6 months? We think big and build for the long-term. Thinking radically different and avoiding competition are the master keys to survival. If you aren’t willing to disrupt yourself, someone else will do it for you.

  • 3

    Be Audacious

    It is always better to risk boldness over triviality. Take risks, make big bets and shoot for Mars. Have unbounded self-confidence in yourself and become a category of one. Have a bias towards action. You get energy form your actions. Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Strike now.

  • 4

    Hyper Focus Wins

    Focus lets you become world-class in one area versus average in multiple areas. Focus is a super power that lets you move faster, learn more, builds confidence and creates long-term value. Big things start small and intensity defeats extensivity every time. Diving deep rather than skimming shallow water catches the big fish.

  • 5

    Build the Future

    We work, live and play in the future to discover what’s missing and what to build next. We believe the future is not a someplace you arrive at, it is a destination you build. It's our core belief that deep within each of us is infinite desire to build the future. The future belongs to those who believe in it.

  • 6

    Move Swiftly

    Creating and sustaining momentum is essential to creating long-term and lasting value. Choose purposeful direction over moving too fast. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Avoid shortcuts that cost you dearly in the end. Invent and play your own infinite game. Trade speed for depth and mastery versus mediocrity

  • 7

    Be AntiFragile

    We are beyond resilient. We embrace the “antifragile mindset” by going against the standard. We actually grow stronger and have learned to thrive when exposed to the extreme randomness, uncertainty, risk and volatility that exists in our world. We create order from chaos.

  • 8

    Commit to Excellence

    We set the bar high. We want our products to be the highest quality and our communication to be precise. We build trust by being results oriented, solutions driven and prioritizing quality over quantity. We have learned that discipline equals freedom, practice makes improvement, progress is happiness and to constantly trust the process.

  • 9

    Have Relentless Enthusiasm

    We are driven by a passionate and constant desire to learn. We encourage a curious attitude toward the unknown. Curiosity pushes each of us to dive deep, innovate, improve, and discover. We stretch ourselves, experiment, and seek actionable feedback to learn from failure and try new things.

  • 10

    Always Forward

    The only way to keep from going backwards is to keep moving forwards. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. Have the knowledge of your power, the courage to act and the faith to see it through to completion. The goal isn’t to look like you are winning, it’s to win.


Be the First Screen for Luxury Real Estate — Anytime, Anywhere.


The world's most innovative companies create something entirely new. They never fight over the status quo.

Larry J. Braden