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We are Luxedom

Luxedom is the world’s first online luxury real estate platform.  We provide our affluent global members unprecedented access to the finest homes & estates on earth, represented by the world’s best luxury real estate brokers.

Luxedom builds technology that empowers our members. We start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. We believe in the power of direct-to-consumer technology to create new ways for clients and brokers to connect, communicate, and transact value.  Luxedom is crafting the luxury real estate experience of the future.

Luxedom Headquarters:  Online, Everywhere.

Luxedom is a digital-first company building the global platform for luxury real estate. We do not let geography or borders define us: we are a distributed team with members all over the world using the latest communications and advanced technologies to ensure that our team is always in sync. At Luxedom, digital-first isn’t a buzzword, it’s how we operate as a team 24/7 worldwide.  Our promise is to "make luxury personal" and that begins with how we collaborate as a team first.


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Why Luxedom

At Luxedom, creativity, audacity and diversity fuel our brand and drive our vision. By placing creativity at the heart of our strategy, we enable our team to set new limits in terms of their creative expression while crafting the luxury real estate experience of the future.  Unlike the rest, we start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.

From the way we empower our members, to the products and solutions we create, to the features we are building…

Our unfair advantage is we care more.

When you interact with our team, you’ll know you’re talking to real humans who care about helping you succeed and win online by earning a living doing something you love.

The digital world continues to transform at incredible speed. You need a digital team that is fully committed to growing your business. We keep up with the latest trends to help you deliver the luxury real estate experience of the future that your clients expect today.

Our commitment is to be the only platform you ever need to launch, grow and scale your business online.


We Exist to Empower
Our Clients™


The world's most innovative companies create something entirely new. They never fight over the old.

Larry J. Braden

Our Values

  • 1

    We Empower Our Clients

    Everything we build and action we take starts with the client experience. It all ties back to helping our clients succeed.

  • 2

    We Plan Zero to One

    We think big and build for the long-term. We constantly ask ourselves what is our 10 year goal and how do we achieve it in 6 months?

  • 3

    We Build The Future

    It's our core belief that deep within each of us is infinite desire to build the future. The future belongs to those who believe in it.

  • 4

    We Believe Focus Wins

    Focus lets us be world-class in one area vs. average in multiple areas. We move faster, learn more and create long-term value.

  • 5

    We Embrace Radical Transparency

    We believe that to be successful, we need independent thinkers, that have the conviction to challenge the status quo.

  • 6

    We Are Anti-Fragile

    We are beyond resilient. We gain strength and thrive from adversity and volatility. We adapt, improvise and overcome.

  • 7

    We Commit To Excellence

    We set the bar high. We want our products to be the highest quality and our communication to be precise.

  • 8

    We Have Relentless Enthusiasm

    We are driven by a passionate and constant desire to learn. We encourage a curious attitude toward the unknown.

  • 9

    We Always Move Forward

    It’s all about speed & mobility. Speed kills & momentum is king for today’s mobile-first, on-demand world.


We Curate the Finest
Homes & Estates on Earth™

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